Ary’s Partners 3.0


Our expertise in Finance and IT recruitment, has led us to believe it’s now time to turn to the future and start recruiting where tomorrow’s careers will be the most lucrative and active on the market: the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space.

Why turn to cryptocurrency industry recruitment ?

  • Technology-driven innovation in financial services is accelerating and is now open on a wider scale thanks to Web3. This will have major impacts on the financial systems and on the labour market.

  • The IT revolution has had repercussions not only on the financial industry but also in sectors such as:

o Insurance
o Lending
o Renewable energy
o Medical sector
o Etc.

What is Ary’s Partners expertise in Crypto ?

The Ary's Partners team is particularly sensitive to innovations and it seems crucial to us to integrate into a rapidly changing technology industry. In addition to our expertise in recruitment, we will work in partnership with Sorya Saoudi. Sorya has been a crypt enthusiast since 2017, when she started investing and working on Crypto projects. With her in-depth knowledge of the Blockchain landscape, and more importantly, her extensive network within the industry, and presence on all Crypto related social media from Discord to Twitter, Telegram, etc., Sorya will be a great source of help in your recruitment journey.
En plus de notre expertise en recrutement, nous travaillerons en partenariat avec Sorya Saoudi. Sorya est une passionnée de crypto, et ce depuis 2017, lorsqu’elle a commencé à investir ainsi qu’à travailler sur des projets de crypto. Sa connaissance approfondie du paysage de la Blockchain, et plus important encore, son réseau conséquent au sein de l’industrie, ainsi que sa présence sur tous les réseaux sociaux liés à Crypto, de Discord à Twitter, Telegram, etc. , Sorya sera en mesure de nous aider dans votre parcours de recrutement.

How will Ary’s Partners accompany you?

Ary’s partners and Sorya will accompany you in your every need to recruit across the industry: Sales, Front-end developers with experience in HTML, CSS, ReactJS, DeFi, etc., Marketing gurus, Social media managers, SDK engineers, Operations Managers, Research analysts and Internal controllers etc.

Ary’s Partner’s has a three-fold mandate:

  • We identify, in a structured and systematic way your needs and the labour market trends, expertise and certifications to help you find the perfect profile who will accompany you in your project development.

  • We serve as the focal point for a network of professionals who are highly skilled in the crypto space.

  • We accompany you throughout your project to complete your team and help you with any difficulties you may encounter in recruiting skilled professionals.

These efforts will complement the well-established partnership with Sorya Saoudi, our expert in Crypto assets.

What are Ary’s Partners fees ?

Here’s the best part: the payment can be made entirely in Crypto!!

Ary’s Partners will be bearing the risk by accepting a payment entirely made in Crypto. The process will be discussed with Sorya, who will perform a financial analysis and will present you with the best possible offer.

So what are we waiting for? Together, we can start planting the Web3 seeds by finding you the best talents on the market and, in a few years time, we can harvest the fruits of our labour hand in hand.