This expertise makes it possible to intervene both on an individual and collective level with individuals and companies. These interventions take the form of awareness-raising, training, audits, advice or consultation workshops and more specifically concern:

  • Psychosocial risks (PSR)
  • Harassment (moral, sexual, and/or sexist acts). (moral, sexuel, et/ou les agissement sexistes).
  • Employment law.
  • Crisis/conflict management.
  • Non-Discrimination, Diversity, and Professional Equality
  • Quality of life and working conditions (QLW)
  • The implementation of a counselling and consultation unit: work accident, burn out, trauma, etc. (CV, interviews, reorientation, etc.).
  • Career management coaching.

As a registered healthcare professional, Clothilde Paris-Arnoult holds an ADELI (administrative and certification authority) number (n°929337996). Clothilde Paris-Arnoult dispose d’un numéro ADELI (n°929337996). 

Offers concerning companies (upon request):
  • Organizational audit (employee resources and constraints) including recommendations and support following the diagnosis.
  • Update of the Single Occupational Risk Assessment Document (DUERP).
  • Assistance in the implementation of procedures concerning Quality of Life and Working Conditions (QLW)
  • Awareness Workshops: :
    • Psychosocial Risks (PSR).
    • Quality of Life and Working Conditions (QLW).
    • Stress management.
  • Individual and/or collective support (internal reorganization, conflict management, change of manager/management, employees returning after a period of absence, etc.).
  • Support for organizational change (collective and/or individual).
  • Other possibilities upon request.


The goal is not just to become “green”, but rather to be “real”.

The interest in communication and societal analysis is very present in each approach to the missions we undertake, both for our candidates and for our clients.

It is, amongst other things, transparency and business ethics that led Nastassja de Magalhaes to delve into the heart of the matter and complete a master's degree on CSR and "Green tech" issues.

Nastassja will be ready to discuss with you the innovation and CSR management market, communication and crisis management, responsible communication and ethical marketing.

These elements form the best tools to support our network in a sustainable and innovative way in an increasingly complex and unpredictable market.

This approach breaks down the stereotypes of recruitment, by removing any systematic prejudice, and favouring communication, from the Latin word “communicare”, meaning “to make common”.

Your values and your ambitions are what we want to share in our partnerships.


A key player in the company, the risk expert represents the point of coordination between the operational vision and regulatory obligations. A fine connoisseur of all the business lines of the company, providing financial expertise, mastering IT tools and above all an excellent communicator all at the same time, the Risk Manager establishes recommendations as close as possible to the realities on the ground.

Acteur clé de l’entreprise, l’expert des risques représente le point de coordination entre la vision opérationnelle et les obligations réglementaires. A la fois fin connaisseur de l’ensemble des métiers de l’entreprise, financier, maîtrisant les outils IT et surtout excellent communicant, le Risk Manager établit des préconisations au plus proche des réalités terrain.

Our support in these professions allows you to integrate the Risk Management role into your business strategy.

We identify the best possible matches for our clients and candidates with a certain element of risk taking to break down certain prejudices that could freeze the risk approach.

Sandra Ederyfounder of the firm, speaks annually during AMRAE’s (the French Association for Management of Corporate Risks and Insurance) CEFAR (risk management strategies) training sessions.. She is a speaker at the Paris Dauphine PSL University’s Management, Risks and Control MBA.

We have good visibility on these issues by also having close ties with the IFACI (French Institute of Adit and Internal Control) network.